The Web App

About our new Web App

Things need to know before you using the Web app

The new Web App is not replacement of our online store, but it’s an addition to serve the blind spot of our service. Our Web app wasn’t rely on any other third party service, once after you hit the submit button, your browser will send your order directly into our kitchen, and then you can pay in person cash or card or call in to pay over phone, there is no payment information required when using the App, no Paypal, no Apple Pay, no Google Pay, no Visa pay. and we don’t save any credit card information on our server, we are try to make it as simple as possible, the app don’t need you create account, and no login required, even the name and phone number are optional, and later in the near future we will make it able to take the delivery order too, but for now at this moment our Web App only take the pickup orders. When we building this app we focus on to provide you with simple and fast ordering experience, but there are some technical difficulties on configuring the modification module, the modify function has to be disabled, if you need modify some items you can submit your order first and then call us to make the change for you.

If you think ordering online on your phone, and picking up (for now), pay in person is your thing, you would love our new Web App,

Some other things you might need to know before start,

In our past testing the order information sometimes may lost in transmitting form your phone browser to our App server, it was because the weak cellphone internet signal(3G,4G,LTE), just make sure your phone internet is good.

Our server will be shut down when we were closed, that was to prevent any unwanted access, if you unable to access the App temporarily, please do not panic, just make sure our store is open.

Thank you for your business.