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Try new way to pay

Instead of you tell us the credit card numbers over the phone (which is time consuming and insecure,)

it works as same as contactless payments.

After you place the order over the phone, please mention that you are going to scan PayPal QR code to pay, and please ask for your order number and order total, and then scan the QR Code with in your PayPal Mobile App.
And then enter the total amount you want to pay, and add your order number and/or some additional instruction in the instruction box, so we can apply your money to your order.

If it’s a delivery order either you can add the tip to the total now, or you can come back here to do the tip late.

(Note. We can only do refund or partial refund on our side if there is a mistake, but we can’t change the amount or addon to the amount that you have sent in.)
Final step chooses which bank account or credit card you want to pay from, which has already link to your PayPal account, and then hit next and then submit.

(And a reminder, the cash still a king we do take all kind payment option here, cash, card, PayPal please choose the one which is convenient to you, but no Checks.)

Store Closed on Mondays, Sorry For Inconvenience, Thanks.

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