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Our online store are support by “PayPal”, people who have PayPal account don’t need to setup a new account, even you don't have paypal account you can still check out with your credit card. there is no customer information stored or keeped on our website, the PayPal is safe and secure. we are always learning and trying to discover more features to improve your order experience.

When ordering, paypal cart will show up in the different window, it shows what's inside your cart, everytime when you add an item to your cart. the cart window will updated and shows up, the cart is host and support by paypal, to continue shopping just click the "continue shooping" button in the cart window, that will take you back to our online store. you can safely easily checkout from paypal cart window. to check out either you log in with your paypal account, or just use your credit card or debit card to check out, it's safe and secure with paypal, we don't store or keep any customer's information on our website.

When check out please review your cart and make sure everything in your cart are correct, and the please choose correct shipping and handling method either Pickup or Rush Delivery, and also the most important thing is you have correct information on file (like phone number and address etc.) with paypal.

The online order is designed for ordering easy and unified items, simple side notes and messages (mention of coupon or small modification) can be entered in the textbox next to most of items, but the textbox cannot handle any requests that result in extra charge(like "add something" or "extra something" etc...), if the extra modification is important to you, you need to call us to place the order. payment for extra charges can be in cash( it has to mentioned "pay the difference in cash" in the textbox) or put in Contactless Payment with proper description(like "payment for extra..."), do not include the payment for extra item in the "tip for driver" (all money in "tip for driver" are 100% goes to your delivery driver), without mention of payment or paid through the contactless payment those "extra request" might got or would be ignored. The textbox has a character count limit of 64, it was set by PayPal, anything over 64 characters will be truncated by PayPal and will not pass to us, so if the extra modification is important to you, please call us to place the order instead.

We deliver up to 3 miles, the Minimum total amount of $15 is required for delivery order, that includes $12 food order + $2.99 vehicle expenses + sales tax, if delivey order total under $15 the order will be canceled. the $2.99 vehicle expenses is just for part of the expenses related to delivery service like gas, maintenance and tear and wear of the vehicle etc, may be changed due to weather or other conditions, and it does not consider as a gratuity.

No Check or eCheck, Please do not use eCheck as payment, that usually take 3-5 days to process, we will not been protected if we process your order early, PayPal has advised us to hold your order until the eCheck to be cleared and then we can start processing your orders, that does not make any sense in a timely manner.

We are aways try to find the best way to serve you, but sometimes things could happened unexpectedly. If you feel somethings maybe wrong please give us a call, if you can let us know when you placed an order online, that will help us to improve our performance and provide you with better service.


If you have any question please feel free to give us a call, we will very glad to answer those questions. Please Call (610) 277-7788


Thank you very much.

Tip for Driver $

Change the amount in the box and then click "Add to Cart", and don't forget check out your entire order as "Rush Delivery"
Thank You.
Forgot the Tip $

If you forgot the tip for driver after you already submitted your order, or you want add the tip to the order you just received, you can add tip here for your driver. Change the amount in the box and then click "Add to Cart", and then check out as 'pick up' this time, we will pass the tip the right driver.
Thank You.
For delivery please choose "Rush Delivery" as shipping method at checkout page, otherwise your order will be processed as "Pick Up" order.
$15 MINIMUM is required for delivery orders, we deliver up to 3 miles.
delivery charge is not a gratuity.

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